Are board game bans really that bad? Maybe they're good?

I'm going back to the US in October for a conference / holiday, so I'm saving. Downside is I am on a board game ban, no more board games until I hit a board game store on US soil. I've got one or two that have been stuck in 'out of stock' for weeks and some Kickstarters expected, but who knows if they will arrive. Other than that, nothing, nada, no game purchases allowed.

It's tough because sometimes we feel like to be in on the conversation about board games, we need to own them or play them. But do we? Maybe there's a positive to not being in that conversation? Maybe there's a positive to no new board games for months.

Play the bloody games you own!

I buy more games than I have time to play. I've done so for years, so I have loads of brand new games I can play that I never have. Not getting new ones just gives them a better chance of hitting the table. YES!

Give those games you are playing more time!

Dave no doubt said it better than I ever could in his recent video article Why Clank is More Like Coca-Cola Than Pepsi, but essentially we don't get to truly soak in the games we own. We take tiny sips, which can give us a false reading on a game. Because we're forever adding to the coffers so nothing gets a fair shake as we Aussies say. I want to play the same game more than three times, I want to feel the nuances of multiple plays with multiple players. I do that with only a few games in my collection. I want to taste the whole game of those unplayed games.

Blessed Be The Fruit

Well hello there 'board game I've owned for a year', punched, bagged and never played! It's your turn now, I'm sorry I neglected you so long.

Keeping up with the Ownses

You can't own everything, not even if you're fairly well off. I own a lot of games, but I research most of them meticulously prior to parting with my money. I don't buy games willy nilly because I'm not made of money. I've lucked out being a game reviewer, getting a few freebies here and there over the years, so that's added to my collection a little also.

I don't want to own everything, despite having so many unplayed games. I just want to own games that fill a few criteria.

  • They're fun for me
  • They're fun for family / beginners
  • I have a nice mix for whatever audience
  • I can somewhat keep in the 'new' conversation

That's pretty much it really. So my board game ban is going to force me to play games I've owned for a long time. The ban is going to give me the chance to play some games in depth and it will let me know whether things on my shelf serve no purpose as per my criteria.

So the board game ban is a good thing... right?