Board Game Companion Apps

There’s not a lot happening in the world of board gaming news today, so we’ve got a quick post we thought might be of use to you: “Companion Apps” for tabletop games. Some gamers love them, some gamers loathe them, heck, maybe you don’t even realise they exist, well we’re here for you fellow gamers! These are not full games, but applications that might make your tabletop gaming that little bit easier.

7 Wonders Companion App

There’s a few versions of the “7 Wonders” board game companion app available, including the official App by Repos on iOS and the “7 Wonders” Score Card on Android.

Agricola Companion App

A non official app, one of the guys in our extended group swears by “Aricola Buddy” for Android. A free application that helps with calculation and scoring. Also supports the Farmers of the Moor expansion. You can get it at Google Play.

Arkham Horror Companion App

We haven’t tried this one when we’re playing “Arkham Horror”, but we’re including it because it might be of use to you. Check it out for iPhone here.

Codenames Gadget Companion App

We LOVE Czech Games light party game “Codenames” and they’ve put out an official companion app called “Codenames Gadget”. We haven’t tried that app, but if you’d like to check it out, it’s available on iOS and Android.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf Companion App

Do you play “One Night Ultimate Werewolf”, you might find this companion App of use if you do, available on iPhone and Android. Really cool app that automates the night time narration of the game, oh and there’s a timer.

Sheriff of Nottingham Companion App

We use this companion app every time we play “Sheriff of Nottingham”, a simple way to tally scores at the end of the game and it adds everything up and lets you know who the winner is. It’s available on both Android and iOS.

XCOM The Board Game Companion App

One for all you “XCOM” fans, a companion app designed to make your life a little easier when playing “XCOM The Board Game”. Nicely themed and it’s available on iOS and also Android.

Zombicide Companion App

Another one we haven’t tried, but we’re adding it because “Zombicide” is a hugely popular time. This one looks like it would be better on iPad than iPhone (unless you have a 6+). Available for iOS.

Know of any we missed that you’ve used and think are cool, hit the comments.