Board Game Infection Rate – When all your mates become gamers

We had a big games meet up this week, our main group, friends of friends and family of friends, it was a lot of fun and then we heard someone say “I just feel like my whole life is board games now”. We leapt upon it, what did she mean?

So here’s the thing about modern board gaming, it’s fun. A lot of people don’t even know it exists, but when they play, when they learn about it, sometimes the infection spreads. The host has games night and now the hosts mate has game night, then that new host invites their non gaming mates, they get infected and now they do games night. If you are one of the friends within that satellite group, well, too many games nights.

board gaming is like a virus spreading - Tabletop Gaming infection RateBoard gaming – First one group of friends does it, then another, then another….

This is what the overgamed gamer was talking about. She said her friends used to game once a week, the other nights they’d meet up for dinner, meet for a movie, meet in the city for a wander and coffee, meet to do pretty much anything other than gaming. Those friends who weren’t gamers, had now become gamers and most of their meetups now involved playing board games.

Now we LOVE board games, we all collect them, we all play them, but even we mega gamers can feel gamed out (try playing something a minimum of 5 times for review when you hate it). Now imagine you’re this regular person, her and her partner played games together now and again and it was great fun, the chat, the game, the together time. Then they invited a few friends over, they enjoyed it so much they became gamers themselves. Those people then invited their friends over – who are also friends of the initial host – they loved it and they too became gamers and so on and so forth. Now that initial host has turned more non gamers into gamers, and those new gamers are doing the same. Now when they get together, with any of their friends it’s all board games all the time!

Pandemic board game review action cardsThe board gaming virus is spreading!!

Of course this is GREAT for tabletop gaming. That’s part of the reason we started Gameapalooza in 2015, it’s why we’re holding test game events and hope to bring larger events to the local area, it’s why we spread the infection. But that’s not to say when we hear that painful cry of “I just feel like my whole life is board games now” we can’t feel a little remorse for the damage we’re inflicting, right?

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