Board Game tins or Board Game Boxes, that's the question:

Last week we posted how happy we were to see the next Matt Leacock title in the 'Forbidden' line seems to come in a box. We posted this from one side, the side that prefers boxes to tins, and then we got a comment from one of our commenters:

"I'll be sad if it's not a tin (I like them), but I'll still enjoy the game". - Shawn

We like boxes because they sit well on a book shelf, horizontal, vertical and even stacked. The tins we have are horizontally stored and usually a little wonky. That's us, not everyone. We'd like to find out why people like or dislike board game tins. For us it comes down to storage, but that's about it (well someone in our group has a rusty Forbidden Island lid, which, in itself is kind of funny, right?).

What do you think of board game tins? Why do you love or loathe them, hit up our Facebook Page and let us know (and special thanks to Shawn for her comment that got us thinking, Cheers!).