Board Game Nerd Nerfenstein – Staff Spotlight

In the second Staff Spotlight (our first looked at Dave) we're looking at Angela aka Nerfenstein / Girlygamer. As we mentioned in Dave's staff spotlight, since starting Gameapalooza the team has changed and shifted, but Angela founded the site and is still here.


She LOVES board games, tabletop RPGs and gaming overall. When she's not playing tabletop RPGs or board games, Angela is making cosplay props from the geek world, watching too much TV or working in community management.

You can find Angela at her YouTube Channel which is regularly updated, she’s on Twitter AND she's on our favorite social tool for board gaming, GirlyGamer Instagram (and also for Nerf mods and props Nerfenstein Instagram).

Mice and Mystics full size weapon props Mice and Mystics full size weapons props by Nerfenstein

You can check out Angela's latest YouTube video above. Be sure and check out Angela at her various haunts and give her a follow, she's a super keen board gamer who has been board gaming and video gaming since the early 80's, so lots of experience (along with a few wrinkles... they're distinguished... really).

We.ll be looking at another staff member soon!

Happy gaming!