Christmas Board Games Wishlists from the Gameapalooza Team

It’s almost that time of year again, when those who celebrate the season of Christmas gather around the tree and open gifts, before stuffing their faces with too much food. If you’re a board gamer / tabletop gamer we’re guessing there’s a few board games on your wishlists for Xmas and 2017. We thought we’d share the Gameapalooza teams most wanted.

We’d like to wish you all a happy holiday season whether you celebrate it or not. We’ll see you after the Christmas break with more board game news, reviews and features.

Happy Gaming!

Angela’s Board Game Wishes:

Cottage Garden
As soon as I saw Cottage Garden I wanted it. I’m a sucker for a pretty game, I’m also a sucker for a nice relaxing game. Oh and I love Patchwork, it’s a must own for me.

I love the spy genre, James Bond is my favorite tabletop RPG system. Covert sounds like it ticks all the boxes, thematic, thinky and that artwork. I love the idea of the code breaking mechanic it uses and that there’s little conflict with other players. Looking forward to trying this one for sure.

Pandemic Iberia
As a huge fan of Pandemic (sorry Dave!) Pandemic Iberia is a must own game to add to my board game library. It sounds like it adds new mechanics in keeping with the era and I love the idea of that.

Potion Explosion
This game has been on my wish list since release, but man is it hard to get. Definitely hoping to play it in 2017. I like it because it seems like it would be fun for family games nights (and it got the Gameapalooza Critical Hit).

Dave’s Board Game Wishes:

Among The Stars:
I love drafting games and I hear this is one of the best. Plus it has a nice civilisation element that interests me. Oh, and Sci-fi of course.

Terraforming Mars:
This has gotten great reviews. It’s a bigger game which I like and it has a civilisation building element. Oh, and sci-fi of course.

Eminent Domain:
Again, it is drafting, but this time with deck building. I really enjoy these mechanic and I want to understand it better as well as get some games that do them well. People have spoken highly of this game. Oh, and it’s Sci-fi of course.

Legendary Encounters Alien Deck Builder Expansion:
Legendary Encounters is my favourite deck builder. I love the theme, the mechanic, the powers, cards, and just everything about it. This expansion adds a whopping 400 cards to the base game and provides a one vs all addition where one player can be the Alien Queen. Oh, and it’s sci-fi of course.

Tracy’s Board Game Wishes:

Dream Home
As a huge fan of the Sims universe on computer, I like the gameplay Dream Home would appear to offer. Building your own house with a multitude of cool possibilities is something I would enjoy and it’s play count of 2-4 is also great for smaller groups. Oh, and it’s building of course.

Junk Art
A sort of abstract building game that sees players using over 60 wooden pieces, Junk Art looks like a gorgeous game and one the family could get involved in. Love the look of this one along with the idea of structures. Oh, and it’s building of course.

Saloon Tycoon
Build your own awesome wild west town! And there’s some height to this one as it uses structures that can be built up in multi-stories. Attract wealthy citizens and keep the bad guys away! Oh, and it’s building of course.

The Gallerist
The Gallerist has been on my wishlist for some time. The idea of playing an art dealer, museum curator, and artists’ manager sounds cool and I like how it all looks when the gallery is filled out. Oh, and it’s building of course.

Vincent’s Board Game Wishes:

Cry Havoc
A dudes on a map area control game with, asymmetric powers, great miniatures & a very unique combat mechanic. Can’t wait to play this or find a place for it in my collection.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game
I’ve never played the original board game out of fear that my day would disappear, but the thought of soloing through a card driven campaign really intrigues me. Plus it’s having monthly expansions, sign me up… RIP wallet.

Captain Sonar
The thought of commanding a submarine sounds amazing, the fact that there is another submarine on the other side of the table is even more intriguing, it plays best at 8 players & is real-time… Don the polyesters, I’m all aboard!

The Grizzled
A cooperative game set in WWI, can be played in 20 minutes & has fantastic stylised art. I have played this a few times & is a fantastic game, would love to pickup the expansion in addition to the base game.

That’s it, the teams hopes and dreams for games already released. We can’t wait to see what 2017 holds for the board game hobbyist.

We’d like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas, well a very happy holiday season to you. Hopefully you’ll get some gaming in.

See you all after the break.