Community Shout Out! What are you playing?

We get a lot of conversation on some social channels, but we rarely post ‘community’ style posts here at the website. Well all that is about to change, because we’re going to share with you what we’ve been playing / are playing at the moment and we hope, you’ll share with us what you’re playing.

board game shelfie - tabletop board game news australia - what are you playing?Some old some new. What games are you playing?

The Classics
We meet up at various times in groups, some as small as three, all the way up to 40+ or so people for split games. The team are also lucky because we play with partners or children or other family members. With such a diverse group of gamers and non gamers the games we play are also quite diverse. In the last month – between us – the team have played old classics with family / friends some of whom perhaps aren’t heavy gamers. Those games included “Ticket to Ride”, “Telestrations”, “Wits & Wagers”, “New York 1901”, “Paperback”, “Pandemic”, “Lanterns”, “Patchwork”, “Takenoko”, “Tsuro”, “Five Tribes”, “Jamaica”, “Flash Point”, “Mysterium” and more we’ve probably forgotten.

A Few New(ish) Ones
The team managed some great games over the Christmas period and we’ve managed to play quite a few given it’s still only the early days of 2016. Recently we’ve played “Deception Murder in Hong Kong”, “Dark Moon”, “Viceroy”, “Shakespeare”, “T.I.M.E. Stories (and both scenarios), “Above and Below” and “Cauldron”.

tabletop board game news australia - what are you playing?What have you played in the last month or so?

We’ve had a few standout moments in the last month or so, most notably “T.I.M.E. Stories”, which a few of us played with various other people and all of us thoroughly loved, so if there was one game we’d say to get it would be that one.

So… what have you been playing?