Bob Ross Art of Chill board game review:

Bob Ross Art of Chill board game TLDR game review

Bob Ross has had somewhat of a resurgence in fandom recently, as a fan of his show back in the day, I had to get the board game.

Bob Ross: Art of Chill uses set collection to complete aspects of Bob Ross paintings, scoring players chill points on a score track, first to totally chill is the winner.

Collect dual use paint cards (colors / tools), assign them to your palette, use them to finish paintings, score. You get to roll a die and every time Bob was rolled, a whoop and holler arose from our group. A Bob roll leads to a chill card with various special abilities, always fun and adds some randomness to the game.

Given this is a TLDR review I'll skip to thoughts. Bob Ross: Art of Chill is a surprisingly fun little game. It's beautifully put together, with quality components and simple / clever gameplay.

Bob Ross: Art of Chill is a family weight game worth a play, though it's not going to be a keeper for everyone given how light it is. Quick games at around 25-40 minutes dependent on player count are indeed a chilled out affair.

The only real downside is it's a US Target exclusive at present, so isn't easy to come by for Aussie gamers.