BONK Tabletop Game TLDR Review:

Bonk tabletop game TLDR review

BONK comes to us from David Harvey, the man who created Rollet (of which this is a reimplementation). A ballbearing ricochet game, BONK sees four players (you can play two, but four works best), trying to hit a wooden ball into each others goal area. Both teams begin with 3 ballbearings each player. They use these by rolling them down a chute trying to hit the wooden ball, thus sending it into the opponents goal for themselves, all whilst using the same ballbearings to stop that from occurring on your end.

Both sides also have a score area with a movable peg, first to 5 points win. The real strategy comes at the end of the round when a goal is scored, all ballbearings remain on the side they're on.

BONK is unassuming, but it is a fast, fun tabletop experience. With beautiful craftsmanship straight out of the box, BONK has been a winner at our events.

Aim, roll, hit! Overall BONK is a great party or warm-up game for larger get-togethers. Before you know it you'll be high-fiving and yelling BONK in no time. Definitely worth trying.