This weekend our friends at Vault Games in Brisbane city are hosting a board game tournament for Raider of the North Sea.

I have spoken about this game a lot of late. Raiders of the North Sea was a Kennerspiel des Jahres runner-up, but my pick of the three games. It is a great worker placement game that is simple to learn but still manages a good depth of play. The components and artwork ad to the aesthetic making for a beautiful game to play.

I am very excited to hear that Vault is putting tournaments together like this. Most gaming stores rely on Magic the Gathering to bring in revenue and tend to ignore the board game hobbyists. I often hear of board game tournaments being run at conventions and in American stores, but not often here in Brisbane. So I hope to hear more and more of this sort of thing going on. In the meantime, if this sounds like your sort of thing, don't miss this event. make sure you check out Vault Games Facebook page for full details.