Histrio by Bruno Cathala out 2016

If a game has the name Bruno Cathala attached, we’re automatically interested, for he is the man behind games like “Five Tribes”, “Abyss” (with Charles Chevallier), “Mr. Jack” (with Ludovic Maublanc) and “7 Wonders: Duel” (with Antoine Bauza) to name but a few.

Enter “Histrio” aka “Fourberies”, a game featuring anthropomorphized animal thespians trying to impress a king with their dramatic stage shows. Players will travel a kingdom, hiring cast members and putting on shows.

Histrio board game releasing 2016 - Bruno Cathala fourberies - Australian tabletop game news and reviewsHistrio is looking rather adorable. Will you be hitting the footlights?

As you can see in the image the game features a little stage, what’s not to love about that?! As well as the stage there’s a 110 card deck, 35 wagons, 15 manager miniatures, the board and and 80 plastic coins, yes plastic coins!

It’s for 2 to 5 players, ages 10+ US price is expected to be around $40, so let’s expect a $50-60 price point here in Australia when the game launches Q1/2 2016.