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We don’t cover a lot of tabletop RPG’s (and yes, we got your emails, we’re trying to cover more), so today we’re looking at Evil Hat’s upcoming “Bubblegumshoe” tagline: A Teen Detective Story Game. So why did this one catch our eye? Because some of the press have tied it to Veronica Mars, that is to say Pelgrane Press made a point of mentioning Mars in connection to the game way back in 2013 (it’s based on their Gumshoe game) and Evil Hat state:

The second (previously unnamed) one is under the working (and possibly final) title of Bubblegumshoe, with the project team helmed by Kenneth Hite, who will join forces with Lisa Steele (of GURPS Mysteries and others) and Emily Care Boss (of Breaking the Ice and others) to bring you a game of teen girl detectives in the vein of Veronica Mars.

Bubblegumshoe A Teen Detective Story Game tableop RPG news AustraliaBubblegumshoe – Take out the Veronica Mars tenuous tie-in and this might be pretty cool.

Now we’re all for latching onto something hugely popular and tying it in, if it’s relevant, but is it? On reading about “Bubblegumshoe” we’d say it’s less connected to Veronica Mars, a smart mouth, witty, intelligent, ass kicking female detective and more inline with say a bubblegum version of Nancy Drew and friends. “Bubblegumshoe: A Teen Detective Story Game” is a hardback RPG that sees players sleuthing out various cases, starting with introductory case “Hey! That’s My Bike!”.

We like the sound of this one, it’s honestly only the tie-in to Mars that made us groan a little. In and of itself “Bubblegumshoe: A Teen Detective Story Game” is neat, it’s got great designers behind it, it’s cheap at $25USD and perhaps most importantly it’s about girls and that doesn’t happen often in gaming. We’ll be checking this out when it releases in June this year.

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