Bucket of Doom card game – Game Review

Let’s start with the usual game background stuff. “Bucket of Doom” comes to us from UK game company “Big Potato” and as the name perhaps alludes, they make games as “versatile as its vegetable namesake”. They do everything from quiz games to party games, kids games to toys. We like their PR approach also, down to earth and just wanting to get word out about their product, bravo!

Note, we’ll keep this review as family friendly as we can (game tagline aside), but some cards in the “Bucket of Doom” are a bit naughty.

Bucket of Doom Big Potato games game reviews and news by Gameapalooza AustraliaBucket of Doom!!! A fun party game by Big Potato.

When the shit hits the fan, you need a plan
So what’s the premise, “Bucket of Doom” is a card game in similar style to “Cards Against Humanity”. Players are dealt cards and then have to come up with the funniest / most entertaining response to one of the doom cards. So let’s look at the setup.

Setup & Gameplay
Take everything out of the nifty bucket (yes the game comes in a bucket, which we’ll discuss more in the ‘game build quality’ section), deal each player 8 object cards and a voting slip. Cards are all double sided and the official rules state “never cross the streams”, so play either all black or all white.

One player reads out the randomly drawn doom card, these range from just plain strange to hilarious, so let’s go with one we randomly chose for this review: “You’re trapped in the Death Star garbage crusher and the walls are closing in”. Your cards are: a bongo drum, noise canceling headphones, a blackboard with chalk, a bulldog clip, pornstar stilettos, retractable dog lead and Ron Burgundy’s mustache.

Tabletop game reviews Bucket of Doom Big Potato games game reviews and news by Gameapalooza AustraliaThe contents of the Bucket of Doom, which when you say it it’s Bucketttttt of Doooooommmmmm!

Now everyone looks at their hand and comes up with the best escape plan, play goes around all players until everyone has told of their dramatic / hilariously hatched escape. The rules say to use one card for your escape, but there is a “MacGuyver Rule” and this is the one we played with, players can use a combination of cards from their hand to hatch their plan. We found this to generally be more amusing.

In the example scenario we randomly chose, here’s what happened: We stuck on Ron Burgundy’s mustache (because who wouldn’t!), tied the pornstar stiletto to the retractable dog lead to make a grappling hook of sorts. We then wrote a warning on the board for the next victim, with the instruction we were leaving the grappling device in the back left corner, so they too may use it. We attached the noise cancelling headphones to the blackboard with the bulldog clip so if someones is stuck down there with some Princess screaming “into the chute flyboy” they didn’t need to hear it. Oh and the bongos, well, a little ditty never hurt anyone.

Once everyone has escaped (or tried) players vote on the best story / best use of cards. You’ve got a voting slip for this, but we just pointed, totally up to you.

And that’s how it plays. Players then draw back up, discarding used cards and a new doom card is read out.

Bucket of Doom Big Potato games tabletop game reviews and news by Gameapalooza AustraliaUh oh the Bucket of Doom is open! Plan your escape!

Game Build Quality
We’ve got this kind of pet hate when it comes to non boxed games or games that come in odd shaped boxes. “Bucket of Doom” comes in a smallish pink bucket, it’s a nice idea and obviously thematic. The build quality is great so it you don’t mind the bucket thing, there’s nothing wrong here. The cards and pads are nice quality too, though they are those sharp cornered cards (non rounded) that some gamers find annoying, though the card stock is pretty good. Big Potato Games have made a nice little party game here.

Gameapalooza House Rules
We used the Gameapalooza “Must MacGuyver” rule when we played, that is a player must use at least 3 cards in their hand, using all cards gets you a bonus point if you’re voted the winner.

“Bucket of Doom” does a great job of bringing a new twist to the “Cards Against Humanity” style party play. If you’ve got a good group of people and imaginations are firing, you will be laughing for hours at the utter ridiculousness of the way your friends minds work.

3+ Players (we suggest 5+)
Ages: 16+
Setup Time: A couple of minutes
Play Time: Depends on the number of players and length of their…. stories.

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – If you like card party games like “Cards Against Humanity” you’re probably going to love “Bucket of Doom”. Listen to the scenario card, look through your eight object cards and come up with the most outlandish escape story to impress other players. That’s it. A fun party game, just not for everybody. [/authorinfo] [/author]

You can see more information over at the Bucket of Doom website. Like Bucket of Doom on the Bucket of Doom Facebook Page, or follow them on Twitter for game updates.


Disclosure: Big Potato furnished us with a copy of the game for review. This does not affect the review in any way, other than we were able to bring it to our readers faster. We thank them for their support of the Australian tabletop game market.