Burger Up game Preview

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Oh we hear you good people, so do we! Over the years we’ve seen a plethora of burger based games, but few have managed to truly be tasty. Enter Rule & Make’s latest game “Burger Up”, let’s take a taste.

“Burger Up” comes to us from Australia designers / publishers Rule & Make. They’re known for quality (at least in our experience of the games we’ve played), but alas our copy of “Burger Up” is a preview copy, so we sadly can’t comment on component quality. If we get a full retail version we’ll do a full review.

Burger Up by Rule and Make game  preview - image replacedGame Preview – Burger Up! Spatula’s at the ready!

In “Burger Up” players use a card matching mechanism to make tasty burgers. The overall idea is to become the best burger chef in town. Gain prestige and before you know it you’re the Gordon Ramsay of burgers. Players take turns buying ingredients from the market, stacking their ingredients, scoring their burgers and then doing the clean-up. It’s all pretty straight forward.

Most of the games we played went smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy the overall premise and mechanic, though there were points where play became stunted and not everyone enjoyed that. What was enjoyed was the great artwork and the clever mechanic of matching ingredients and condiments based on the drop down iconification of each ingredient card, a clever design.

We’re hoping this game does well. You can see the effort that’s gone into it with the nice artwork and the overall design, which managed to keep things surprisingly thematic. Hopefully we’ll get to see the finished version and bring you all a nice greasy awesome full review. For the sake of the preview though, this is one you should definitely try and check out if you get the chance.

2-4 Players
Ages: 9+
Setup Time: A couple of minutes
Play Time: 15-30 minutes