Cappuccino – Stacking tabletop game review

Setup, Gameplay of Cappuccino
Every now and again you get a tabletop game in for review and kind of think “meh”. This happens because you look at the game elements and make a rash snap decision about gameplay, enter “Cappuccino” from Matagot games.

Cappuccino tabletop game by Matagot games - Game review by Gameapalooza Australian board game reviews and newsCappuccino by Matagot, splendid to look at, lighter to play.

“Cappuccino” sees players using coffee cups to capture other players cups, this is done via a stacking mechanism. “Cappuccino” cups are set out on the table their hexagonal bases touching, thus essentially setting up the board. Two to four players have different colored cup sets, all of which are spread randomly on the playing surface. A player can capture an adjacent stack to his / her own color, so long as that players own stack is the same height or taller than the stack adjacent. Stay on top of a stack and it’s yours to control and therein lay the strategy. Highest stack at the end wins (denoted by the cute frothy cappuccino foam design on top of the stack).

Setup literally takes a couple of minutes, with a three player game taking slightly less due to the removal of one color from play (two-player variant both players have two colors so all four colors are on the table). Gameplay only takes minutes (we found 8-15 generally dependent on AP prone players).

Game Build Quality
Superlative. Sure there’s not a whole lot to “Cappuccino”, but what there is is lovely. The cup playing pieces are large, sturdy and beautifully made. The box is a giant magnetic clasp box, rather than the usual two piece slip top box. The whole thing looks like some fancy Nespresso set. The only nitpicky negative would be the tan cups look a little more like ice-cream cones than coffee cups and they all feel upside down (though the stacking element means they really need to be the shape they are). Overall wonderful.

Cappuccino tabletop game review by Gameapalooza Australia Cappuccino stacking strategy gameFancy a cuppa? Check out those components in Matagot’s Cappuccino

We judged “Cappuccino” too harshly at first sight, whilst we were wowed by the beautiful component quality we assumed the gameplay would be lame. We’ve played games using similar mechanics before (“Hey! That’s My Fish” and Kris Burm’s “DVONN”) and this seemed – well is – lighter. Having said that we really enjoyed our time with “Cappuccino”. Whilst it’s not going to sate the veteran gamers in your life as more than a little filler, this is a cool gateway abstract strategy game.

Gameapalooza House Rules
None for this one.

2 – 4 Players
Ages: 5+
Setup Time: A couple of minutes

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Amazing components and light gameplay makes “Cappuccino” less a must own game and more a must see. Probably not one for veteran gamers, though we’d still suggest everyone try and at least play / see this at events. If you’re wooed by amazing components, you might just find yourself adding this to your collection. [/authorinfo] [/author]