Cartamundi Shuffle Pixar Cars card game review:

Shuffle Cars is described as "a fun game" in the product blurb, but is it?

In Shuffle Cars the first player to get all their 'Car' cards over the finish line is the winner! The overall theme is racing the well known Pixar Cars characters through the city, overtaking other teams and refuelling as you go, before crossing the finish line for the win.

Each player has three racing cards in their hand with each card dictating how far you can move your cars. There's also a draw pile on the table. As well as the race cards, there's road cards, you use these to set up the track. There's a few rules dictating not passing other cars etc, but overall it's all a bit flat.

One nice touch - because I feel I need to find one - is the Car cards being transparent, so when they're on the road cards it looks like they're on the road. Sadly that's about as far as it goes for positive points for this one.

Perhaps Shuffle Cars will appeal to the youngsters in your life, but there's really nothing here for us actual gamers. It's play a card, do a thing, rinse and repeat until someone - thankfully - crosses the finish line.

Cartamundi Shuffle Cars is one for younger fans of the Cars franchise only. It's ages 8+, but I imagine 5+ would work as there's not much to it.

Everyone else maybe take a look at some of the good games in the Shuffle series (as there are a few).