Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners expansion and Cash ‘n Guns

We missed reporting on a couple of cool new expansions announced the last few weeks. First up comes “Cash ’n Guns: Team Spirit” the new expansion for “Cash n’ Guns”.

Cash n' Guns Team Spirit game expansion news guns and mercenaries - BoxartDesert Eagle & Tazer?

This one adds mercenaries into the mix with new characters and guns. We like Cash ’n Guns so this is welcome news. If you’ve missed Cash n’ Guns thus far, this might be your chance to jump on in, who doesn’t want a foam tazer for goodness sake? Official blurb below.

Cash n Guns Team Spirit expansion tabletop game news AustraliaCash n’ Guns expansion Team Spirit adds mercenaries and new guns!

The Team Spirit expansion turns Cash ’N Guns into a team game. At least one other person at the table will truly have your back, and you’ll have theirs. With three or four different criminal factions fighting for loot, there’s now room for a ninth player to get in on the action. There’s also new characters, surprises, and, of course, new guns that you can integrate into all your games of Cash ’N Guns, whether you play independently or as part of a team”.

Next up another popular easily accessible game in the form of Colt Express. “Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners” adds even more fun to classic programmed movement gem “Colt Express”.

Colt Express Marshal and Prisoners expansion for Colt Express - Game news Australia

The “Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners” expansion adds a new female character in the form of Mei, a martial arts expert. One player can also play as that dastardly marshal and if they do they have hidden objectives to complete to win the game. There’s also a prison wagon that players can free inmates from. We’re big fans of “Colt Express” as a great introductory programming game, so word of another expansion is very welcome indeed.

No solid release dates for either of these yet.