Australian Tabletop Card Game – CatTube Famous on Kickstarter

You know we love our Australian based tabletop game devs, Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! If you missed “CatTube Famous” get on it, it’s only on Kickstarter for 17 more days. Sure it’s already made its goal, but back it anyway, they’re Australian game developers!

CatTube Famous card game on Kickstarter by Melbourne game devs - Tabletop Game News GameapaloozaCatTube Famous card game, coming straight out of Melbourne y’all!

Joshua Harvey and Liam Alkamraikhi are the developers of CatTube Famous, a party game about releasing cat videos and becoming the next CatTube celebrity.

Given the popularity of cat videos this is actually a really clever tie-in by the guys and the mechanics look up to scratch too (yeah… we know, we’re awesome at puns!).

Kickstarter highlight CatTube Famous Australia tabletop game news by GameapaloozaAussie game CatTube Famous is now on Kickstarter, give it a back… scratch…

About CatTube Famous!

CatTube Famous is a card game where you release cat videos and become the next CatTube celebrity! See the trends, release videos, get viewers, be famous!

Be sure and check out the CatTube Famous Kickstarter page and if you want / need more info, check out the guys on the CatTube Famous Facebook Page or catch them on CatTube Famous Twitter.

We’ll see if we can nab a copy for a fully – all meowing – review.