CatTube Famous card game

We covered the Kickstarter for this last month, now it’s time for the hands-on preview. Let it be noted that this preview is for the unfinished version of the game, including artwork and other tweaks yet to come. We would not wish for this preview to be unfair, when there is still quite a bit of work to do.

So what is “CatTube Famous”? Aussie devs Joshua Harvey (designer) and Liam Alkamraikhi (Artist) have made a card game based on the popularity of online cat videos. Players try and get subscribers by playing video cards to try and catch a current trend. Whoever gets the most subscribers / likes wins! Huzzah! Of course you can also lose subscribers… boo!

Video cards have various criteria that will match the present trends, matching these are how you score points and thus win the game. Your videos need to essentially appeal to your audience, if they don’t you won’t get the following you’re looking for. The game comes to an end with you run out of trends. That’s it, there’s really not a lot more to say, it’s certainly simple enough, with the rules fitting on a card within the deck.

Kickstarter highlight CatTube Famous Australia tabletop game news by GameapaloozaAussie game CatTube Famous is now on Kickstarter, give it a back… scratch…

We played “CatTube Famous” through a few times with a few different people and found that in two-player it didn’t do as well as more than two. We also found that playing through multiple times and then knowing what’s in the deck, sort of took the sheen off the game. Sitting out and building your hand also seemed to sway the game in favour of that player and given there seemed to be no mechanic to stop that sort of weighted play, it sort of killed any other form of strategy other players might use.

Who knows, maybe that will be changed in the final version of the game and this particular problem would be mitigated, thus making it more even in play. Players also weren’t really a fan of the math aspect of the game, working out the scoring sort of slowed things slightly, this isn’t a quick play game where it sort of scores itself.

Having said all of that it’s not to say this is a bad game per se, we had a few laughs with it on the first play through, but for the sake of honesty, no one in the group asked to play it through again.

Who knows, if you love cats or cat videos, you may well enjoy “Cattube Famous”. The game does manage to grab that sort of YouTube aesthetic through the artwork, for this writers gamer group though, it sadly didn’t really grab us. That’s not to say it won’t grab you however.