Plan B Games anounces Century Golem Edition for Q2 retail release:

A few lucky gamers have been playing Century Golem Edition since GenCon last year, but the rest of us plebs need to wait. Luckily the wait is almost over with Plan B Games proud to announce that Century Golem Edition will be available in retailers later this year.

Debuting at GenCon 50 last year, Century Golem Edition was met with much fanfare and critical acclaim! Fans adored the manga inspired artwork, gorgeous components, and, of course, the elegant game mechanisms. Although the Golem Edition was originally sold exclusively on the Plan B webstore, it's popularity was undeniable. Plan B Games has paired with international partners to bring Century Golem Edition to retailers in North America, the UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, and Japan beginning around Q2 2018!

Australia isn't listed, but you know once something hits the US it's not long for these shores. We should all be able to nab Century Golem Edition in Q2 this yeah.

All hail the mighty golems!