Century Spice Road tabletop game first impressions

I got Century Spice Road today and I've only played it 3 times, so this isn't a review, it's probably even a little light for a first impressions, so it's a first impression of those first impressions.

Let's start with the elephant in the room, the "Splendor killer" thing. I read a lot about Century Spice Road prior to purchase (as I do before I make most purchases) and something that came up in reviews over and over again was that it is a "Splendor killer". A game that makes the game Splendor null and void, that you don't need both, or won't want both. I call nonsense on that, I will gladly be keeping both titles. Sure they have a few similarities, but in my opinion one does not simply cancel out the other.

I'll be doing a full review of Century Spice Road once I've played it quite a bit more, for now though it went from gawking love on opening the box (it's all beautiful), to thoroughly enjoying the simplicity of the gameplay, speed of the turns and the joy of - what have thus far been - quite close games.

So far for me Century Spice Road is a definite keeper, but I won't be burning Splendor any time soon either, especially with expansions looming.