Circus Flohcati – Written Board Game Review

Step right up, step right up, to the greatest show on Earth! It’s time for “Circus Flohcati”, a republication of the 1998 game by epic board game designer Reiner Knizia. This new edition comes to us from Australian publisher Grail Games, with new – unusual – art by Heiko Günther.

Circus Flohcati card game by Grail Games - Game review by Gameapalooza AustraliaJoin the Circus in Grail Games title Circus Flohcati

Setup & Gameplay for Circus Flohcati
At its bare bones “Circus Flohcati” is a light card drafting game that uses ten different coloured cards numbered 0-7. Play is extremely simple, with players turning over cards from the draw deck in an effort to make a set of three matching numbers, the more sets you make, the more points you’ll get at the end of the game.

On your turn you can turn over as many cards as you like from the draw pile, placing them on the table for all players to see. Once you see something you want, stop and take it. If you keep drawing up and turn over two matching colors though, that matching card you just flipped goes to the discard pile and you don’t get to take any card with play moving to the next player. Pure, joyous press-your-luck.

There’s a little more strategy to it than that, with an additional rule wherein you can put on a Circus Gala. To do this you need to collect one card of each color, this triggers the end of the game. The other end-game trigger is an empty draw pile. As well as the color cards “Circus Flohcati” features some action cards, allowing for a small additional level of strategy (take a card from an opponent etc.).

Circus Flohcati card game by Reiner Knizia and Grail Games - Tabletop game review by Gameapalooza Australia Circus Flohcati contents – The Flea Circus is in town!

If it sounds like there isn’t a lot to “Circus Flohcati” that’s kind of doing the game a disservice. Though it is an extremely light game, “Circus Flohcati” features great press-your-luck fun, to draw or not to draw, that is the question. It’s a simple mechanic and gamers who despise luck as an element within a game are probably going to enjoy this less than those who do enjoy it.

Game Build Quality
“Circus Flohcati” comes in a nice solid slip top box. The cards are of a nice card stock. That’s it, all good quality stuff from Australian publisher Grail Games.

Gameapalooza House Rules
Zero zip, it plays fine just the way it is.

2-5 Players
Ages: 7+
Setup Time: Seconds
Play Time: 15 minutes

Grail Games Circus Flohcati card game review - Gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsFleasing to the eye or not, Circus Flohcati is a fun little game.

Overall we’ve really enjoyed “Circus Flohcati” and we think it’s a really nice little filler game. We’ve whipped it out numerous times now as a quick warmup, while other games are being setup or we’re waiting on people arriving. Whilst the artwork hasn’t been for everyone, it certainly hasn’t turned anyone off to the point of not playing and has in fact even garnered attention because of it. If you’re looking for a nice light push-your-luck card game, you could definitely do worse than “Circus Flohcati”. Given this is an Aussie published game, it deserves some love from Aussie gamers, so be sure and check it out if you can.

[author] [authorimage timthumb=’off’]/content/images/2016/02/gameapalooza-micro-review-icon-sm.gif[/authorimage] [authorinfo]Micro Review – Circus Flohcati is a slick, quick, press-your-luck card game from Aussie publisher Grail Games. Quirky artwork, quick play time and a good quality build makes this a nice little filler game for your collection. Try and check it out if you can.
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