Clacks Discworld Game – Release Date

If you’re a Terry Pratchett fan – like me – you might be wondering what ever happened to “Clacks: A Discworld Game”, wonder no more my gaming brethren!

A fair while ago we heard rumblings that Sir Terry Pratchett’s newest boardgame “Clacks: A Discworld Game” was finally getting a release, then all went quiet. Fear not “Clacks: A Discworld Game” is set for an October, 2015 release, with the game making its official entry into the world at the 2015 Irish Discworld Convention. The convention takes place at the Cork International Hotel in the Cork Airport Business Park, just outside of Cork City, Ireland, fro the 2-5 October.

“Clacks: A Discworld Game” started life as a competitive 1-4 player affair and is based on the book “Going Postal”. As well as “Clacks”, Discworld fans can also still nab a reprint of “Guards! Guards!” (which was making a killing on Ebay, bit not more!

Here’s the latest:

There are now three types of games that you can play in the box. There is a ‘player versus player’ game, a ‘co-operative race game against the Post Office’ and an introductory ‘two-player game for children’. We are extremely pleased with the artwork of Clacks created by The Artful Nudger, a.k.a. Amber Grundy. Not only is Amber a massive Discworld fan, but she is also a very talented artist as you can see from the box cover and base.

A special pre-order ‘giveaway’ for the first initial 300 fans to pre-order Clacks goes live on the Clacks page at midnight on Monday 11 May 2015 (GMT).

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