Old School Boardgaming

We were playing “Betrayal at House on the Hill” this long weekend and we got to chatting about board games in general. A friend brought up that we love boardgames, but we never play “The Originals’. By this she meant the games that came before the board game renaissance hit. We laughed about how some newer games can take ages to set up and that games back in the day were simpler, we reminded her of “Mousetrap” remember the setup on that one?

Anyway, we’re going to look at a few of “The Originals”. These are great tabletop games that have been around for years, but are still a heck of a lot of fun to play. The great thing about most old school games is, you can get them in regular toy stores, unlike a lot of new board games which you can only get in speciality game stores.

Let’s take a look at Tabletop Originals….

The business classic. If you haven’t ever played “Monopoly” where have you been? Give it a try, it’s a classic, definitely one of “The Originals”. First made in 1903, with the modern version hitting the market in 1935. Now THAT’S an original!

The classic game of dexterity, “Operation” is a brilliant little tabletop game with a difference. There’s no board, it’s all about skill (with a little luck thrown in). Originally released in the mid 1960’s.

Connect Four
In 1974 Milton Bradley released “Connect Four” and it was a smash hit. The name is self explanatory, the idea is to connect four tokens in an upright grid. You can also make up house rules to change things up a bit.

The Game of Life
The original life simulation game, “The Game of Life” hit the market in 1960, though the original version was invented a century earlier! Still a classic game today, the game also has a multitude of versions / marketing tie-ins.

Can’t place “Trouble”, it’s the game with the plastic bubble in the centre that rolls the dice when pressed. Ahh now you’re with us, a classic kids game that’s great for all the family, “Trouble” launched in 1965. Modern day versions still exist, just the other day we spotted a “Frozen” version shudder

The game your parents like. Bit of a generalization, but works for most. “Scrabble” is a word building game that first went to market back as a hit in 1952, though it was actually invented in the late 30’s. An awesome game to have on your games shelf.

Cluedo (or Clue)
Ahh “Cluedo” the original murder mystery game. Was it Mustard in the Library with the lead pipe?! Take note of the clues to find out. A board game favourite since 1949 and according to various sources, originally made to give people something to do when they were in bomb shelters at the tail end of WWII.