Code Triage board game on Kickstarter:

Totally stunned this one isn't doing better on Kickstarter right now. Code Triage by Brandon Young is a cooperative emergency room board game for 1-4 players that plays in 60-120 minutes. A cooperative hospital board game and it's not kicking off on Kickstarter? Come on!

Code Triage only has 10 days left in the campaign and has only thus far managed just under a quarter of its $20,000 goal. We're gutted we never got sent this one for preview because it looks really cool.

Anyway we thought we'd let you know about it because we'd love to see it make it to production.

You and your fellow staff members are the hospital's only hope of staying open to the public. The staff must work together to treat, expedite, and comfort patients before they leave against medical advice (AMA) or expire. There are only 4 of you available to work today and you may need to make some hard decisions. Your team will need to prioritize patients depending on their severity and needs. You have only until the end of your shift to prove to the agency that the hospital deserves to stay open.

Be sure and check out Code Triage on Kickstarter if you haven't already. We are purely posting this because we've backed it and liked the look of it. We're not affiliated with it or have been asked to post about it. Maybe you will take a genuine interest too.