Container 10th Anniversary hits Kickstarter but sinks Australian dreams

So our dreams of owning Container 10th Anniversary edition are sunk one might say. Allegedly due to the weight of the project (around 10 pounds thanks to huge resin miniatures) the board game won't be shipped here direct from the Kickstarter project.

A reprint of the classic economic game "Container" by Mercury Games! This classic returns in a 10th Anniversary Jumbo Edition!

US backers will of course get a shipping break, because, reasons. Aussies on the other hand will have to order the game from Italian crowdfunding website Giochistarter.

US backers of the game will pay $96 for the game and $15 shipping. Aussies will be paying 80 euros for the game and 39.20 euros shipping.

US Backers $111
Aussie Backers $160

We do usually get stiffed on board game prices in Australia, but ouch. It's sunk for us, let us know on Facebook if you're backing the project.