Happy Otter Games Creature College Kickstarter Highlight!

We haven’t done a Kickstarter highlight for a few weeks, so today is the day. Happy Otter Games has their latest project “Creature College” half way through its Kickstarter and we wanted to give it a little push here in the land down under.

We loved the look of this one from when we first saw it, the artwork is great, the Kickstarter is slick and the guy behind it – Orhan Ertughrul – seems cool too.

Happy Otter Games Creature College board game Kickstarter - Australian tabletop game news and reviewsCreature College – Look at all that box content goodness.

Something else we thought we should mention about the “Creature College” Kickstarter project is it offers free shipping, right here to Australia… did you read that folks… FREE SHIPPING to Australia, why it’s almost unheard of.

Creature College is a board game for 2-6 players. You play a student at Creature College at the University of Aldebaran for exceptionally gifted children. In the board game your character will have a mission and a special ability. You’ll collect creatures, build research lab components and fight battles to collect victory points and win the game!

So in short “Creature College” is “a board game about dragons, talking trees, were-gerbils, ninjas, teddy bears and really big guns”. It’s for 2-6 Players, ages 8+, and plays in around 45 Minutes.

Head over to the “Creature College” Kickstarter and give the project a look, you might just want in. Who wouldn’t, there’s a character called “Kevin the gigapig” lol.

Creature College by Happy Otter Games characters - Australian board game news and reviewsCheck out the cool characters in Happy Otter Games title Creature College.

We’ll have a full review of this title after the Kickstarter ships thanks to Orhan, so until then, be sure and check out Creature College on the Happy Otter Games Facebook page and Twitter.

And in case you missed the Kickstarter link earlier in the article, the Creature College Kickstarter project page.