Cthulhu in the House board game from CMON

Although it will probably take a few weeks to eek its way to Aussie shores (don’t they all?), CMON’s family game “Cthulhu in the House” is now available at friendly local gamestores stateside.

Cthulhu in the House from CMON Gameapalooza AustraliaGet Cthulhu in the House now from CMON… prepare for sanity loss!

Cthulhu in the House is a fun game for the whole family, featuring accessible rules, fast play time, and adorable art by board game legend, John Kovalic. It’s at your FLGS now, so get your hands on it before you’re banished to the abyss!

Cthulhu in the House from Cool Mini or Not now availableMore Cthulhu this time with a cute family twist.

Twelve monsters inhabit the house and it’s for three to six players to compete in “this beastly royal rumble”. The play area is different each game with twelve double sided room tiles setting the scene.

If you’re looking for some ‘cute’ Cthulhu shenanigans, you could do worse than “Cthulhu in the House”.