Curious Humans Card Game from Queensland, Australia:

If you're a regular reader here at Gameapalooza you will know we love all tabletop gaming, but we especially love coming across Australian made games. We try and cover them whenever we can, so today we're looking at one from right here in sunny Queensland.

Introducing Curious Humans, a new icebreaker party game with really simple rules. Guess as to whether the other peoples statements cards are true or false.

  • Choose from 340 conversation starting statements across four different categories
  • Each category is colour coded to help you to customise your game-play experience
  • Twist up your game-play with over 40 twist cards

We've had a copy of Curious Humans for a few days and can tell you we're impressed with the overall quality of the product and its clever use of color coded cards. We're looking forward to playing it.

If you're already interested in Curious Humans you can buy it direct from the Curious Humans website (no matter where you are).

There's also expansions already in the works including the Morbid and Party packs.

Support Aussie designers!
Have a great weekend gamers... play some games.