Curious Humans card game - Review

We mentioned card game Curious Humans last month. I've now had time to play it a few times.

Firstly I'll say Curious Humans is a really simple game to learn and play. Everyone gets a true and false card, as well as seven randomly dealt statement cards. Statements are things like "I have tattoos you cannot see".

Players take turns in placing a statement card and their own true or false card. Other players place their true or false cards face down in response, trying to match the players answer. Scoring takes place by trying to get at least half of the other players to get your answer wrong, fool them you get to take the statement card, fail and the card is put aside. It's that easy. Collect seven statement cards to win (though you can tweak this for length).

Needless to say you have to choose the true responses when playing, you can’t choose answers you think is going to screw the other players.

One of the nice touches the designer has thought of with Curious Humans is color-coding for the type of statements that they are (sexy, awkward, controversial, general). This means you can sort the cards into different customized decks, dependent on the group you’re playing with.

Bonus cards also come with the game (Twist Cards), that tweak the game ever so slightly, thus adding a few little tweaks. All self explanatory.

Curious Humans is a light party game at its core. A good game to kick off game night and have a laugh at family and friends, as you perhaps learn things about them you didn’t want to.

As an Aussie project I am obviously going to tell you to at least check this one out. Help support Aussie designers and have a laugh whilst doing so. It's not the greatest card party game ever made, but it is a really nice effort.