Custom Fallout Board Game is Beautiful

We’re not a video gaming site, but with the new “Fallout 4” trailer release, we’re taking a look at a beautiful custom board game of that universe in case you missed it.

For those who don’t play video games “Fallout 4” is an upcoming game in the “Fallout” universe, a post apocalyptic wasteland where people live in underground vaults to survive, or on the surface in shanty’s or roaming the wastes.

With no official “Fallout” tabletop game (which is weird!), fans sometimes take it upon themselves to create one and sometimes, they are beautiful.

Check out this one from a couple of years ago from a guy named ‘XsimonbelmontX’, it’s amazing.

Fallout custom board game since no official version exists - yet!Fallout 4 release spurs look back at this custom beauty!

Fallout custom boardgame tokens, counters, nuka-cola capsFallout custom board game details are astonishing.

Looking at this and thinking I’d like my own Fallout Monopoly board? Do not fret dear friend. Deviant Art meastro ‘PinkAxolotl’ has made her version of the board (seen below) available for download. Then all you need to do is print it and get to work on all those other Fallout board game pieces.

Fallout custom board game Monopoly style - download your ownNo official Bethesda Fallout board game – Make your own!

For those of you who still aren’t sure what “Fallout 4” is all about, check out the trailer below, even if you’re not a video game fan, we’re sure you can appreciate the artistic style of the title.