Cutthroat Kingdoms releasing October from AEG

Who will take the throne after the death of the king? Will it be you? That's what players are fighting for in AEG's October release "Cutthroat Kingdoms".

King Ratimir Dravanof has died and the six great houses vie for control of the land in a neverending dispute of title, territory and birthright.

This is the innovative new social game of contract, duplicity, arranged marriages and tainted food. Every group will create their own rules for how to play and every game will be different. Will yours be high on subterfuge, backstabbing and betrayal, or conducted on a higher plane of rock-solid agreements and unbreakable oaths?

The pre-order for Cutthroat Kingdoms has gone live at AEG's website with a US RRP of $39.99USD. Aussie RRP is $64.95AUD (or $50.48USD at time of writing). Aussie gamers, it looks like the distribution date to stores here is November 1, so not too long to wait for us either.

Get your Cersei Lannister on!