Aussie game studio Darwin Games has released a print and play for Eye for an Eye, where two Occulite Chiefs go head to head in the Dawn: Rise of the Occulites universe. Dawn was an astounding feat of effort from this studio. We urge you to get involved with this project if you can, Ben and Shae have put a LOT of work into the Occulite series, it's really quite something else to behold. Here's what Ben had to say:

G’day everyone,

This is the update that you’ve all been eagerly awaiting… the Print and Play for Eye for an Eye is now available.

It features two of our Occulite Chiefs – representing the Palaudis Tribe, we have Chief Grublic and representing the Hydris Tribe, we have Chief Riparian.

Included in this post and on the Eye for an Eye webpage are three files to download, the rules, the materials and the board. All the instructions for putting together the Print and Play are in the Materials file. On the Eye for an Eye page there is also a form to ask any questions that you might have.

You can find the files over on the Darwin Games website. There will be a Kickstarter project later this year. Get on board now to help build the community for these guys.