Dirigible Disaster and Dastardly Dirigibles!

Are dirigible’s a thing this week? Has the alternate Fringe universe melded with our very own? Two dirigible related game news stories have hit zee inbox.

First up we’ve got “Dirigible Disaster” from Letiman Games, the folks behind recent Kickstarter deliverable “Dino Dude Ranch”. In “Dirigible Disaster” players work together “to keep an airship, The Dirigible, in the air for its entire 10 minute maiden voyage. This is accomplished by repairing or dealing with various issues that occur on the ship as the game progresses, such as steam leaks, fires, and broken cogs”.

Dirigible Disaster by Letiman Games It’s a Dirigible Disaster so it is!

You can check out the Kickstarter campaign for “Dirigible Disaster” here.

Next up comes Fireside Games announcing their upcoming title “Dastardly Dirigibles”, which is due out in July. In that game players take on the roles of engineers who are all trying to inherit a dirigible factory. Build airships and try and mess with other players, because if one dirigible adds a part, all do.

Dastardly Dirigibles by Fireside Games - More dirigible tabletop game goodnessThe air is so full of dirigibles and some are dastardly!

Hurry Phineous! To the Airship.. err.. dirigible!