Tabletop Gaming: Dead of Winter – n00b Look!

“n00b Look!” is a new semi-regular article here at Gameapalooza Australia in which we subject a unsuspecting sap friend of a friend – who isn’t a regular board gamer – to play a modern board game. We then get said sap to send us notes on their experience and their thoughts of the game (we also jot down anything they say during the game we think is interesting / fun). Why? Well because it’s cruel fun of course. Also sometimes the saying “out of the mouths of babes” is very apt, because it is when the innocent try something new that their unsullied thoughts can bring forth points we might otherwise miss as veterans of tabletop gaming.

This weeks victim shall henceforth be known as “Clutch” and we sat her down for a game of “Dead of Winter” by Plaid Hat Games, a game the rest of us love. Here are some of her random thoughts / verbalised feelings from playing her first game:

Dead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games Tabletop GamingDead of Winter by Plaid Hat Games – We love it, does our n00b?

“Jesus do all new games take this long to set up? Get on with it already”.

“This isn’t a board game, it’s a boards game”.

“The tooth thing is f*cking stupid, I had a weapon, I’ve got the best stats and I die, from an unlucky roll? So not cool, where’s the skill in that? That makes ZERO sense”. (She really wasn’t happy – Ed.)

“The artwork is the dogs bollocks, it’s really cool, like a cartoon BTVS”. (That’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the uninitiated – Ed.)

“The Crossroad cards are cool, like the random story feel”.

“I felt like this game was WAY too long per persons turn, it’s not ACTUAL zombies you know, it’s not REAL life and death guys!”. (It is to us Clutch – Ed.)

“Why did you keep putting the normal dice back in the dice pile, leave them at either end of the table so we don’t have to get one passed to us every time the zombie gets killed”. (Okay, you’ve got us there, that was dumb – Ed.)

“This would be better if it had those little people figures like that other game you played”. (HeroQuest – Ed.)

“Would it be better if the secret thing you need to do wasn’t a secret and you had other players trying to stop you?”.

“I don’t get the knife thing, if you can’t remember whose turn it is and you need to be reminded you are never going to remember all those damn rules”.

“Is there a Summer version where we get heatstroke buttons? Imagine how much worse the zombies would smell”.

Dead of Winter Plaid Hat Games cards Gameapalooza AustraliaNo Clutch, that isn’t Buffy.

Well now, some good points in there, we’re sure you’ll agree, thanks “Clutch” for not only taking part in our 3 hour game, but also jotting down notes and letting us share them with the tabletop gaming world.

Who will be our next n00b Look victim?!
Stay Tuned.