Demon Espionage – A Kickstarter Preview

We always get excited when we see games coming out of Oz, this week the Kickstarter Demon Espionage has gone live from the publishing group Five Tails. Five Tails is based in Singapore, but their head artist is from Australia.

Demon Espionage is a card game for 2-6 players. Players are assigned to teams (their affiliation is hidden from other players) and they duel, playing cars from their hands. In a duel two players go in, the winner takes a soul card and the loser loses one health. When a player is eliminated their team card is revealed, once an entire team is eliminated the game is over (or when the soul deck is completely depleted). The team with the most soul points wins.

That's the game in a few sentences. The rules are quite simple as it shares commonalities with many card games, but the action cards in the deck allow for a good amount of variety in the game. Some notable action cards include a card that allows the player with the lower card to win a duel as opposed to the highest. Another is the R.P.S. (rock, paper, scissors) card which ignores the value of the card and instead looks at the hand icon below the number, winner of the duel is just the same as classic gesture game. With cards like these added to the game, the excitement of card draws is great and duels get more interesting when the players know all the possible action cards that can be played.

demon espionage the card game now on kickstarterDemon Espionage now on Kickstarter

I really enjoy the teams, which seems to be an enjoyable trend in other games these days, the fact that they are hidden makes some decisions slightly more difficult because you never know if you are attacking your teammate or not. The duels can become really chaotic as well, when one player has clearly won a duel it is always fun to see someone pull out a plus two or three to give their teammate that extra advantage. The luck of the card draws and hidden duel situations means that the best player will not always win, which is a plus in a chaotic game such as this. However, the luck of the soul cards is not as satisfying, one team could get all single point cards and the other may get all two or three point cards which can be frustrating for some.

Another thing that does not excite me is player elimination, I like to see all the people around me having fun when I am playing a tabletop game so when I see a game that includes player elimination I tend to avoid it. In this case however, that was not as much of an issue as you can still support your teammates. The final potential issue is the game length, as the game includes elimination I find the game tends to overstay its welcome, however, this may only be the case with larger player counts.

Overall, I believe Demon Espionage succeeds at what it sets out to achieve, be a fun, chaotic game that a group of friends or family can enjoy. I would categorise the game along with the likes of Munchkin, some gamers may look at it, and avoid it with its aggressive and unforgiving play style but, for everyone else it's a game that many enjoy. The game length is an after thought and strategy is pushed aside to just allow the table to facilitate fun. If you enjoy highly interactive games such as Munchkin then don't hesitate to check out the Demon Espionage Kickstarter HERE.