Diamonsters game review - Diamonsters card game by Pandasaurus Games:

This week 2 year old Mister Jaxon reviews tabletop card game "Diamonsters" from Pandasuarus and IDW. Being only 2 years old - we feel - gives him a unique perspective on gaming and we hope you will enjoy his regular thoughts on the board games / tabletop games he plays (in his own unique way lol).

Card game Diamonsters sees players using an identical starting hand of monsters with values from one to five. Each round one card is dealt from the deck face up. Some monsters are more valuable than others, and some eat the diamonds found on other cards. Players attempt to win the round by playing the highest card in front of them, but cards of equal value cancel out. The winner of each round adds his winning card — plus the face-up card — to his collection of cards won. The first player to collect three cards of the same value or five diamonds wins the game.

Let's see what a toddler thinks of Diamonsters.