Dice Bazaar TL;DR game review:

Dice Bazaar dice game TLDR game review

Dice Bazaar is a 2-4 player dice-rolling / press your luck / dice-placement game. Players purchase goods from a little bazaar by placing matching dice in spaces until all dice match the items cost.

Each product in the bazaar has victory points and - usually - a special ability. If you purchase an item, you can choose to use the ability, but you will lose the card and thus the points. Needless to say, most points at the end of the game wins.

Dice Bazaar is a nice little game, it's simple to learn and teach and there is a little bit of strategy interwoven with the luck aspect of dice rolling.

If you like dice rollers and you're looking for a small box dice-placement game, check out Dice Bazaar, nice quality, cute to look at and simple gameplay.