TL;DR tabletop game review of Dixit Odyssey expansion

Dixit: Odyssey is an expansion for visually compelling deduction game Dixit. If you’ve played Dixit you will know it is a lovely game, but one of the problems of the game is familiarity after many game sessions. To somewhat rectify that, the games publisher Lillebud has released a bunch of expansions. “Dixit: Odyssey” can be played as a stand alone game, or an expansion.

As in Dixit one player is the ‘storyteller’ and chooses a specific card from their hand, they then give a sentence or word that should describe the card, but in a very non-obvious manner. This is because it’s better for only some to guess the card, than all, so if you describe it too well, you’re going to lose. Once described the other players place a card that they feel best matches the description, thus trying to lure points to themselves. It’s a clever and simple mechanic.

Dixit Odyssey tabletop card game TL;DR review

Dixit is a visual party game that relies on gorgeous art cards. Dixit: Odyssey’s main selling point is that it brings yet more cards to the table. If you love Dixit why not change things up a bit and give “Dixit: Odyssey” a go.

  • Players: 3-12
  • Ages: 8+
  • Setup Time: A couple of minutes
  • Play Time: 30 minutes