Dixit: Revelations for Q4 release

Love “Dixit” and feel the need for even more gorgeous art cards? You’re in luck! Asmodee has announced the upcoming release of “Dixit: Revelations” by designer Marina Coudray. According to the official blurb, her art has “echoes of Picasso, Magritte, Matisse, Escher, Greek myth, Indian religion, pop music, internet memes, and much, much more”.

Dicit Revelations from Asmodee board game news AustraliaLovely new art in Dixit Revelations

We really enjoy “Dixit”, not only because it’s easy to teach, but also because you can play it with lots of people. The problem is if you do play it a lot with the same groups, the cards can get a bit same same. More expansions are always welcome.

Dixit Revelations cards - Tabletop game news AustraliaMore lovely art from Dixit: Revelations

Dixit: Revelations will be available in the fourth quarter of this year.