Tabletop Board Game Reviewers Australia - Doggie Doo Game Review and what it teaches us about patience:

Our man Mister Jaxon has been reviewing tabletop games since he was 2 years old. This week he covered a few kids games for our YouTube Channel, including Doggie Doo from Goliath Games. The video brought up some interesting aspects of just what it means to be a tabletop game reviewer, so we thought we'd take a quick look here.

Here's the video in question:

Patience is Key:
You need patience in abundance to be a tabletop board game reviewer. As the video above illustrates, sometimes the gameplay parts don't go to plan and you can't just throw it, you need to persevere (and he REALLY persevered, with around 20 minutes cut out of his efforts). You need to play a game a few times / for a fairly long time until you can come up with a truly informed opinion.

Like we said, if you get a crappy game, you can't just do a tableflip, you NEED to keep playing. How many of us have started a game and thought, nope, I'm out, our time tonight would be better of spent on something that we'd all actually enjoy. Game reviewers need to play, they need to finish and they need to usually do that multiple times.

Honest Opinion:
A tabletop game reviewer needs to give their honest opinion based on their experience of the game. That's whether a publisher has supplied you with a title, or whether you're being paid for the coverage. It's a slippery slope if you start giving leeway because those are the cases. Readers want honesty, not fantasy.

Here at Gameapalooza we always try and give an honest / well-rounded opinion. Sure we like to try and find positivity, even in something subpar, but that's just manners given the work that's gone into something. It's the difference between critique and criticism and is more understandable when you've taken time and depth with the thing you're critiquing.

Mister Jaxon, we applaud you, for your utter patience during this review, adults can learn from what occurred therein.