Dungeon Mayhem – TL;DR Review

Dungeon Mayhem is a quick draw, duelling card game for 2–4 players. It’s really quick to learn and play, so even those players who hate learning a new game won’t be frustrated at all when they start playing.

Dungeon Mayhem card game review Dungeons and Dragons card game

Dungeon Mayhem.. rather loved by all in the groups that played numerous times.

Each game takes about 10 minutes, sometimes much less time if the cards are in your favour! Dungeon Mayhem consists of four different classes and characters, which players will choose from. The artwork is fun, bright and quirky and the font size on the cards is easy to read, though it’s not even that necessary to read them, as this game is all about looking at the symbols on the cards and working out your best strategy. How will you deal the most damage to your opponent, while protecting and healing yourself? Simple!

Dungeon Mayhem card game review Dungeons and Dragons card game

Simple but brilliant Dungeons and Dragons card game

If you enjoy quick card games, like Fluxx or Pairs, then Dungeon Mayhem is a game you definitely need to add to your collection. With only four characters and classes from Dungeons & Dragons, it’s easy to assume that Dungeon Mayhem will have some expansions released in the future and we hope they do! It’s a brilliant game, and because of the small size of the box, it’s one that I will keep in my handbag.

Review by Amanda

Dungeon Mayhem





  • Super Easy to Learn / Play
  • Quick!
  • All Groups Loved It!


  • Too Simple for Some

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