Caravan: The Spice Road and Caravan: The Crystal Golem from Z-Man Games – two games, but they’re the same

If you haven’t heard of “Caravan” from Emerson Matsuuchi and Z-Man this might interest you for reasons other than the game itself. “Caravan” is due for release at Spiel 2016, so we won’t see it here in Australia for awhile. What makes it interesting is it’s getting two releases and unlike Z-Man’s “Pandemic Legacy” blue and red edition, more than the box is different.

Check out the box art below for the two games “Caravan: The Spice Road” and “Caravan: The Crystal Golem”. Looking good and very different for the same game.

caravan the spice road caravan the crystal golem editions - gameapalooza- australian tabletop board game news and reviewsCaravan – Will you be traipsing the Spice Road, or meeting the Crystal Golem?

As well as the box art and sub name, the components, artwork and settings will be different (one in a seemingly fantasy realm and one a historical), the game though apparently remains the same.

This is a smart way to cover all your bases and broaden your audience, but is this the way of the future? If this works for Z-Man this time, will we start to see this more and more with other games?

What do you think of “Caravan: The Spice Road” and “Caravan: The Crystal Golem” being the same game, but with a totally different aesthetic?

Img Source: [Twitter].