Epic Gaming Night – Interview

The gaming hobby is really getting traction with more and more people dedicating their time to not just gaming, but helping the gaming community be a better place. People from all around the world are starting blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and business in an attempt to build the hobby and do something positive for the gaming community they love. We appreciate these people here at Gameapalooza and wanted to take some time to speak to some of them about what they do, what is it about the hobby they love, and how we can get on board with their passion.

Roy is a gamer, father and host of the very successful Youtube channel and podcast Epic Gaming Night. we reached out to Roy and asked him to share his love of the gaming community with us, and thankfully he did.

Epic Gaming Night Interview with Gameapalooza AustraliaEpic Gaming Night… it’s…. EPIC

What was a formative experience or game that made you realise you wanted to be a gamer?
Back in my pre-teen years my Dad taught me and a group of my friends how to play Gamma World! Gamma World is like a post apocalyptic dungeons and dragons with crazy mutant powers! We would get together several days a month and create a story together! Role-playing games definitely shaped a lot of my taste in gaming! And growing up learning Board games from my dad like Dune, War of the Ring, Settlers of Catan, and Bang, gaming was embedded in my genes!

I played all sorts of different games but I wouldn’t say I became a board game hobbyist until after playing cooperative games like Battlestar Galactica and Shadows Over Camelot! Something about playing games cooperatively as a group and working together in a game with strong theme was something I had never seen in boardgames and I got hooked!

What do you love about table top games specifically?
We spent so much time staring at screens in our own little world and board games are an awesome way to come together, unplug, and create amazing experiences! Coming together spending time interacting with one another is a great way to build relationships and learn about people! Board games come in different themes, mechanics, and complexity and I believe that there is a board game out there for everyone no matter their age or back ground!

Can you provide a story that explains what your favourite game is and why?
My favorite game is an epic space 4X game where you explore expand exploit and exterminate to rule the Galaxy! You colonize planets, build fleets of spaceships, and negotiate in political assembly! All while creating an awesome, awesome narrative as a strange alien race! That game is Twilight Imperium Third Edition an epic space opera of galactic conquest! The game is extremely long but it creates experiences that you will never forget! And I love it!

Epic Gaming Night board gaming interviewTwilight Imperium… epic. Well can’t argue with that.

How did Epic Gaming Night come into being?
Me and a few of my friends after game night were spending hours talking about the games we just played and about our gaming experiences and I decided we should just make it in to a podcast! We have now been recording a show live on YouTube for over a year and a half and had a chance to interview lots of designers publishers and media personalities in the board game industry! We have a blast hanging out talking about board gaming!

What do you hope people get out of sharing in the Epic Gaming Night community?
Honestly, just to grow a love for all different kinds of people to come around a table to play games! I’m very active on Instagram and Twitter and try to show and talk about games we are playing and are excited for! And help foster discussions with other people about gaming!

I definitely try to use the small platform that I have to encourage other content creators and people who are promoting gaming as well! The goal is to grow the whole community and bring people together!

How do you balance your commitment to gaming, podcasting, family, work, and life?
I definitely try to get my kids involved with gaming and they love it! We are huge fans of the Haba kids line of games and they love helping out with pictures and videos for a Epic Gaming Night! It’s definitely hard to make time for everything I spend a lot of nights staying up way to late recording a video or editing a podcast but sleep is for the weak right?

What games have you played recently that really wowed you and what was it that you enjoyed?
From 2016 I really loved Mansions Of Madness (2nd ed.)! It is an app driven cooperative game set in the Lovecraft universe! The thing I love the most is the strong narrative and puzzles that are in the game! It’s all about being put in a creepy Lovcraftian situation and having to figure out what’s going on and how to complete the objective of the game! I’m a huge fan of strong narrative and story in games! Most likely because my role playing game background? But if anyone hasn’t played Mansions of Madness yet should at least give it a play!

How would you describe yourself as a gamer and what qualities do you consider most important in the people you game with?
I’m definitely a casual gamer but I try to win every game I play! But winning isn’t everything, I’m all about having fun! If I had to describe my gaming tastes into words it would be thematic fanatic!

When looking for people to play games with I just want to play with people who want to have fun! I see sitting around the table with people as a great way to learn about how that person thinks and builds relationships! I definitely play games with a crazy diverse group of people! We have a great time creating experiences and stories together that’s what it’s all about!

What gives you hope about the gaming community?
I think the gaming community as a whole is pretty awesome! What other industry out there is about coming together and sitting down face-to-face to enjoy something you all like? The more people we bring in and help make it feel included the more people we have to play games with and learn from! Win win! I also love how board gaming is worldwide! The board game community is definitely spread all over the globe! It’s awesome to get to talk to people from other countries and seeing what board gaming is like in their communities!

Also I’m definitely doing a lot to try to grow the board game community on Instagram! Boardgames are such a visual medium that it is awesome to see all the people posting pictures of the games they’re playing and having discussions about board gaming! That’s why I created Favorite Game Friday which is a video clip I put together every Friday to show a diverse group of people with completely different gaming taste showing off their favorite games in different categories! it’s super simple and short but it is helping to grow the community!

Epic Gaming Night podcast social media network interview Epic Gaming Night doing the board game thing.

Can you give yourself a plug? How can people get on board with what you are doing?
Yeah! You can check out our podcast at YouTube.com/EpicGamingNight it’s also on iTunes or you can find the RSS feed at Epicgamingnight.com

I also do reviews, top 10 lists, & contribute to throat punch lunch on the Dice Tower! YouTube.com/TheDiceTower

And check me out on social media Instagram & Twitter @EpicGamingNight I’m always posting the games we are playing and trying to create discussions about different games! And Favorite Game Friday!!

We want to thank Roy for sharing with us. Please check out what Roy is up to. It always seems amazing to us that so many gamers are dedicating huge amounts of time just to grow the love of their hobby. Roy is one of thousands of stories out there and we will have more later.

Interview conducted by Dave for Gameapalooza.
Check him out on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.