Missed out on the “Exploding Kittens” Kickstarter? Don’t fret pet, thanks to Gameology Australia you could be in with a chance of winning a copy of the regular edition, the NSFW edition or indeed BOTH editions.

That’s right, if it so happens you’re randomly picked for both, so be it, that’s the luck of the gods and who are we mere mortal gamers to argue with the cosmic forces!

Exploding Kittens competition gameapalooza Australian tabletop game news and reviewsEnter for your chance to win Exploding Kittens or Exploding Kittens NSFW!


Entering is easy and can be done on various social networks. You can enter as often as you like, we’re kind like that, no NOPE CARD for you our friend. Check out your options below:

Instagram: Hashtag any non-offensive image you like with #KittenKaboomAU that’s it. Again, the image is your choice, put it under a photo of a goat if you like, it’s your Instagram account, who are we to boss you around!

Facebook: The competition will be there in a post, find it, like it, leave a comment and share our post with the hashtag #KittenKaboomAU. So simple a platypus could do it, if the platypus had a Facebook account, and internet… and articulated digits (which would be friggin creepy!).

Twitter: Tweet us @GameapaloozaAU and pop that #KittenKaboomAU hashtag into your Tweet, that’s it! So simple it should be a crime… but it isn’t, it isn’t a crime, no arrest for you for doing so!

Exploding Kittens competition at Gameapalooza AustraliaA fun game for all the family!

We will collate all the entries and then we’ll randomly select one winner for a copy of the regular edition and one for a copy of the NSFW edition. If you want you can indeed state which edition you’d prefer, like if you want to play with kids, you might not want the NSFW edition and you’d actually be kind of bummed to win it. Make sense?! Good!

If it so happens the same person is randomly selected for both… well, so be it as we stated, though we think the chance of that happening is pretty darn slim.

Good Luck Exploding those Kittens!

And if you can’t be bothered waiting for this competition to come to its explosive end, you can buy Exploding Kittens from the cool guys at Gameology Australia, they sponsored this competition.

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