Eye for an Eye board game from Darwin Games hits Kickstarter soon:

We're fans of Darwin Games here at Gameapalooza, not only because they're an Aussie outfit, but also because they're a husband and wife team. A team full of passion for their game.

Ben and Shae Boersma are the couple in question and their new game "Eye for an Eye" is just about ready to launch on Kickstarter. Featuring an entirely revamped graphical appearance by The Mico and some gorgeous sculpts by artist Bob Olley, Eye for an Eye also comes with a soundtrack from Listening Earth (to give the game even more atmosphere when playing).

An innovative, realtime, dice driven game of arena combat. As an Occulite Chief it's up to YOU to defend your tribe's honour. No turns... No downtime... No mercy...

From the official website:
Eye for an Eye is a skirmish game played in an arena with spaces marked by hexes. Players control one character (usually an Occulite Tribal Chief) trying to settle a dispute with another tribe or tribes (the other players).

Unlike other skirmish games, Eye for an Eye is played in real time with a soundtrack timing the action. So there are no turns and players can call out and resolve actions whenever they want to trigger them.

​Actions are powered by allocating dice to different spaces on the player’s board and cards. Each character has its own set of skills and restrictions on dice placement. It is likely that you will quickly form a bond with your favourite.

Play a single round in five minutes, or an entire tournament in one hour!

Eye for an Eye board game coming to Kickstarter from Darwin Games

Eye for an Eye will be launching on Kickstarter April 24, 2018. We hope that you will come along for the ride and help us get this fun and unique game funded!

  • Designer - Ben and Shae Boersma
  • Artist - The Mico (Mihajlo Dimitrievski)
  • Sculptor - Bob Olley
  • Publisher - Darwin Games