Sonar - The Family Edition of Captain Sonar is on the way

Captain Sonar was / is a hit game, lauded with positive reviews, it's only real failing was one of players needed for a game, that of the maximum of 8 players for best plays (though it is listed as a 2-8 player game).

Asmodee has seen a gap in the market and plugged it with a smaller, family edition of the game, simply titled Sonar. The bad news at the moment is it's a Target Exclusive and needless to say that's Target USA, so it will no doubt take a little while to eek through to Aussie shores (like Ticket to Ride First Journey did).

In every game of SONAR, players split into two teams that command opposing submarines. Players navigate their vessels in an underwater game of cat-and-mouse, trying to locate their opponent while avoiding being spotted themselves. Each has the same goal: destroy the enemy!

If you've never quite had the numbers to play Captain Sonar, well, now's your chance to experience what is a truly awesome game. Here's hoping Sonar manages to capture the fun of the original.