Fan-made Mass Effect RPG dead via ENnies

The murky waters of fan-made games bubbled up this week when a fan-made – unlicensed – “Mass Effect RPG” was nominated for multiple ENnie Awards. After it came to light that the tabletop RPG by Don Mappin was solely a “labor of love” and not a licensed work, it was disqualified on the basis of IP violations and then swiftly removed from its own website.

Commentary surrounding this issue has been fairly polarizing with some claiming the ENnies had no right in making the judgement call given the company that own the IP hadn’t made a move to extinguish it. Others saw it as a clear violation of licensing. Mappin himself took to the ENNies website and left a classy response regarding the situation, in which he included that ENNWorld had some valid points and so he was fine with the decision. He also – interestingly – included that he could not “speak to publisher concerns as none have contacted me, nor has EA/Bioware to date”.

There is no official “Mass Effect RPG” presently available, which does seem a lost opportunity and one Mappin did very well to fill (given the game was nominated in various categories including the coveted Product of the Year category). Alas it is no more with Mappin removing all files from the – now defunct – Mass Effect Fate RPG Website.

The ENNies too have changed the way nominations will work starting next year, releasing the following statement:

For future years, starting in 2016, we will be adding a new eligibility requirement for the ENnies. This will simply ask a publisher or creator to affirm that all contents of a product are their own property, public domain, or used under license or with permission, and will mean that any products not within the boundaries of IP law are subject to disqualification at any time. This rule will not apply to blogs, podcasts, or other specifically fan-creation award categories. We will provide more information about this eligibility requirement later, once the exact details have been hammered out and the potential pitfalls covered.

Hankering for some tabletop “Mass Effect” board gaming. There’s always Mass Effect RISK.

Mass Effect RISK tabletop board gameFeeling fRisky? There’s always Mass Effect Risk to see you through.

There are other “Mass Effect RPG” games available however, again unlicensed and fanmade. You can still get them (at time of writing) via the following websites:

Mass Effect for the Traveller RPG system.

Mass Effect D6 RPG.

Mass the Effecting: World of Darkness RPG conversion system

Mass Effect D20 System pdf.

Mass Effect Legends MUSH website.

Mass Effect Saga (non English rules)

And this was where Mass Effect Fate once lived.

It should be noted that on the official BioWare social network, there is a group set up for “the development of a Mass Effect Tabletop RPG. Hoping to eventually publish a free PDF version to a professional (or near-professional) standard”. It remains and has not been shut down by BioWare.

**We do not support unlicensed works. We see these as fan made editions and no money is involved. If the publisher doesn’t seem to mind… well… *