Gameapalooza - Frequently Asked Questions - Or as we like to call it...Fervently Answered Queries

Who are we?

We’re a group of tabletop game loving geeks. We comprise of gamers of varying age, some of whom were around when D&D basic set first released and the hottest game on ‘console’ was called Space Invaders.

Where do you get the games you cover?

Some from stores, some snaffled from friends while their backs were turned. Some are sent to us from designers / publisher’s that send them out for review / preview (if you have a game you want us to look at, slide it onto the Gameapalooza desk and we’ll get right on it – Contact Us). We cover everything we receive.

Prefer a straight forward email address:
hello @ Gameapalooza

Where are you based?

The sunny Gold Coast in Australia, but we love games from far and wide!

Why did you start Gameapalooza?

We wanted to star a regularly updated website with world AND Australian / Oceania games coverage. We want to cover games from worldwide, whilst also covering as many Australian designed and published tabletop games as we can.

Lastly we honestly believe tabletop gaming is FANTASTIC. We believe it’s fun, social and it doesn’t hurt your eyes as much as looking at a lit screen.

So you don’t play video games then?

GET OUTTA TOWN, of course we do, we’re not dead.

Are you on social media?

We’ve been on “social media” since they were called a BBS (look that up kiddywinks), but it’s 2016, so you can find us – and we invite you to do so – on Twitter, Facebook and our favorite image outlet Instagram.

No review scores?

We stopped giving review scores in February 2016. You can see why here in full, but in a nutshell, we think trying to capture the many nuances of a board game with a numerical score is doing you - the reader - a great disservice.

Are you looking for contributors?

Sure! Good writing skill and most importantly enthusiasm are a must! Interested? Send a review sample to our contact email and we’ll get back to you.