Firefly Fluxx from Looney Labs!

Heads up “Firefly” fans, Fluxx is about to get its shine on! Aiming to misbehave, 20th Century Fox, Gale Force Nine and Looney Labs are making magic together and releasing “Firefly Fluxx” in early 2016 (Given this is Fluxx we can assume it will hit Australia then also). Go on make all those noises you want, go on, cheers, ecstatic squeals etc.) Firefly Fluxx will be Illustrated by Adam Levermore (famed for many things, including some sweet Firefly stuff and that Tabletop logo on Will Wheaton’s series).

“We love the adventures of the crew of the Serenity”, stated Andy Looney, Chief Creative Officer at Looney Labs “and are welcoming them into the Fluxx ‘Verse has been wonderful. It’s a natural fit, as both Mal and Fluxx players have to constantly adapt the rules in order to win!”

Firefly Fluxx card game by Looney Labs - Australian tabletop game newsFirefly Fluxx card game – Shiny!

“We are excited to introduce the Brownout Nation to Firefly Fluxx. We have been playing Fluxx for years and this version of the card game with ever-changing rules will not disappoint” says John Kovaleski of Gale Force Nine. “It’s Fast, fun and Shiny!”.

We love Fluxx here at Gameapalooza, and some of us also love Firefly, so this is a win win for us. How about you?